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'Life is flux', said Heraclitus only a few thousand years ago. While the basis of life has not changed, we have accrued more tools, complexities, and choices to sort out. Transitions require adaptability and agility -- whether it's starting a career, re-assessing and strategizing mid-life, or defining the transition from work to 'retirement'. 


Coaching encompasses, among other things, how you represent yourself in the worlds in which you live and work, the patterns, goals, energy, and impact you have, your focus, the stories you use about yourself, the situations you engage in, your energy and resources to master your self and change.


An executive coach takes into account you as a process, your goals, and the social contexts of which you are a part. A coach furnishes the time, space, and tools for you to reconsider and reflect on your process for making sense of your situations, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions, and health. This might include the social contexts that stymie you as well as those in which you are successful, your past and current cultural conditioning, your relationships, the impact you have on others, and the meaning you give your life choices. Finally, you create the action plan you need to accomplish your goals.


Life coaching supports professional and personal growth that is deep, far-reaching, and future-focused.

A life coach helps you see yourself, your life, your circumstances, and your emerging, adapting self from a fresh perspective. By asking deeper and different questions, a life coach can provide a path of discovery that helps you use the capacities that create agency and choice in your life. 

A life coach helps you make sense of your past and present circumstances as you focus on the life you want to live. Whether you are going through a major transition, feeling stuck, overwhelmed -- or just need a sounding board who can ask good questions and ease your process forward -- a life coach can be an invaluable resource and guide as you sort out feelings and goals, acknowledge fears, align resources, and clarify a plan to initiate positive changes in your life. 


Using a mixture of Ikigai, existential psychology, neurocognition, and humor, we uncover, define, reframe and reconfigure both your agency to make the changes you wish to make in your career (and life). 


When executive, senior, and key teams lack psychological safety, trust, focus, or the ability to align on priorities, the impact on organizational performance and culture is significant. Our team coaching brings leaders together to face issues and forge themselves into a high-performance team. 

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