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FACETS (detail)

Potential and perspective create intelligent performance

There are three facets to practicing Neuragility:


1. biological and social health,

2. individual agency enhanced through critical thinking, and

3. collective practices that increase the intelligence and agency of a community.

1. Biological and social health include

  • rejuvenating diet, sleep, and exercise

  • building connections and community

  • engaging in focus, reflection, and meditation practices

  • pursuing hobbies, interests, and avocations    

2. Agency & Critical Thinking include

  • engaging complexity, ambiguity, and claims of truth with skepticism, inquiry, and openness

  • identifying, deconstructing, and reconsidering your and other’s assumptions, reasoning, and social conditioning

  • recombining the elements of your experience and developing latent talents

  • using emotional intelligence to relate to yourself and others with wisdom and compassion

  • taking full responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and impact – intended or not

  • engaging people and situations in new ways -- while experimenting and learning

3. Collective Intelligence and Action include (all of the above, plus)

  • stepping back as a community to reconsider and update, together, the reference points and assumptions that frame people’s logic, relationships, identity, focus, and frames

  • a deep commitment to learning, integrity, and action

  • understanding the complexity, principles, and ‘logic’ of human social systems, the underlying social contract, and how leadership is an expression of that system


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