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Speaking Topics

1. Neuragility: Bringing Your Capacities to Life

2: Collective Intelligence: Agile Minds for Trying Times

3. Leadership and Gravitas

4. Thriving in a Disrupted World

5. Leadership, Change, & Empowerment

Kevin is available for virtual, customized, and keynote speaking on neuragility, leadership, culture, personal resilience and collective intelligence. 

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Leading Minds 

If you are to lead successfully, you need to inspire, change, and expand minds. Yet, how much do you know about how minds work? In the last twenty years, the explosive growth of neuroscience has given us a rapid and radical update about how the mind works and what it takes to inspire, change, and expand one -- or many -- minds.

This thought-provoking and practical update -- whether given as a speech, presentation, or dialogue -- gives senior leaders an overview of these changes, the relationship of these changes to their roles as leaders, and practical applications they can use with their teams and organizations.

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