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We serve individuals, groups, and organizations in development and transition, including: 

  • CXOs & Senior Leaders

  • High-Potentials & Key Leaders

  • Teams & Organizations 

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Kevin is an extraordinary thought leader. He will help you build your personal and organizational capacity in leadership, change, complexity, and globalization in ways that are extraordinary and expansive. Kevin draws on a wide range of innovative tools and approaches using his broad range of knowledge and experience. His focus is always on making sure clients meet their goals.

Kevin is very wise and can tell stories to help get his point across. For me that is extremely important to be able to digest his message. I appreciated his style and would welcome an opportunity to work with him again.

The insights and motivation I have gained this week are truly priceless. And I'm committed to evolving my leadership, through using my learnings, to be a better leader.

As an OD consultant and trainer, Kevin was instrumental in creating and delivering a program to help people improve their critical thinking abilities. The results included participants having a much better understanding of how thinking impacts one's response to change, to making judgments which may be inaccurate, to broadening options when challenges occur and to holding one's self to a higher degree of accountability for one's responses. We found the program very helpful in aiding individuals’ movement to higher levels of analysis and assuming more responsibility for their actions in the workplace. For many, the program was a true breakthrough. 

I returned from the Beyond Change class and was asked to take on a new assignment managing teams in Israel, Maastricht, and Massachusetts.  On the first day, I got an escalation from a member of the Israel team who was VERY upset about a decision that negatively affected him. I decided to meet the escalation head-on. I used the skills we learned in class to walk his island. It was one of the most rewarding interactions I have had with a very upset employee.  Thanks for forcing me to go beyond my self-induced limitations with valuable new tools.

I appreciated Kevin's frankness and humor--but above all his diverse industry experience; and how he applied his experience to the challenges I am confronted with.

Kevin was very perceptive about the areas I need to improve in a very short time. His advice was meaningful and spot on in a way that no one has been able to communicate before.

Kevin has great business perspective and experience which he was able to use to demonstrate concepts and apply to my business in ways that were both thoughtful and insightful.

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