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Our Approach

At Neuragility, we help people, teams, and organizations grow into new ways of thinking, being, and acting so they can combine their perspectives and potential for performance. 


On leadership, living, thinking, collective intelligence, and impact, we challenge, ignite, and provide processes for people to reconsider their lives, goals, and impact. We customize all speaking engagements for your needs. A few examples of our topics are here: 


Beginning with the result, we work with you to design and deliver a learning process and metrics that guarantee success.  Details are here.



There are three facets to Neuragility:

1. biological and social health,

2. individual agency enhanced through critical thinking, and

3. collective practices that increase the intelligence and agency of a community.


Premises & Tenets

Throughout our lives, the degree to which we adapt and prosper is a blend of circumstances and the self-imposed limits we create as ways to assess and engage those circumstances -- our stories and mindsets. Adapting and thriving often means moving beyond limiting stories and mindsets by reclaiming our agency and authoring new ways of being. 

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What Makes Us Different  

A core tenet of our approach to learning and change is that the identities, stories, beliefs, and assumptions we bring to a situation determine much of the situation’s meaning, our actions, and our outcomes.  The neuroscience literature on this process is clear: our sense-making and decision-making are primarily unconscious. Hence, we focus on bringing to consciousness the role our identities and stories play in our lives and increase the ability to change the stories we (often, unconsciously) live within.

At Neuragility, we facilitate personal and collective agency -- enabling you, individually and collectively, to choose the stories and identities you bring to your situations. When we change our relationship to our stories and identities, we are able to use them as assets, resources, and tools. We teach you how to become agile and resilient enough by naturally disassembling, reassembling, and creating new stories and identities as needed. 

These processes employ analysis, logic, metaphor, humor, challenge, and experiential learning in a safe and supportive forum with an emphasis on discovering new, actionable ways to think and act. We then teach how to apply this learning in a continuous improvement cycle.  

Our Model


The illustration below depicts not just our meeting situations with our stories (3) but also taking into account the relationship we have to these stories (2), the identity we bring to enact those stories, and the relationship we may have to the identity we bring to the situation (1). Agency in each of these areas creates greater agility to meet disruption and disarray.  

Neuragility's model has six elements starting with (1) being, to (2) observer, to (3) a conditioned self and its identities, stories, and beliefs (our hyper mind), to (4, 5, 6) a spectrum of circumstances we encounter throughout our lives. Generally speaking, 4, 5, and 6 are made up of dynamic variables in process. Our (3) self tends to be automatic and rigid, our ability to (2) observe allows us to make different choices and create new strategies -- increasing our variability in situations, and (1) being, allows us to detach fully from circumstances allowing the most flexibility of all.   





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