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Our Approach

At Neuragility, we help people, teams, and organizations grow into new ways of thinking and acting for better performance.


On leadership, living, thinking, and collective intelligence we provide challenging processes for people to reconsider their lives, goals, and impact. We customize all speaking engagements for your needs. A few examples of our topics are here: 


Beginning with the result, we work with you to design and deliver a learning process and metrics that guarantee success.  Details are here.

Our Approach


Identities, stories, beliefs, and assumptions we bring to a situation determine much of the situation’s meaning, our actions, and our outcomes. The neuroscience literature on this process is clear: our sense-making and decision-making are primarily unconscious. Hence, we focus on bringing to consciousness the role our identities and stories play in our lives and increase the ability to change the stories we (often, unconsciously) live within.

We facilitate personal and collective agency -- enabling you, individually and collectively, to choose the stories and identities you bring to your situations. Moreover, we focus on having choice about changing our relationship to our stories and identities. This creates tremendous agility and resiliency. 

Our processes use logic, metaphor, humor, creative challenges, and experiential learning in a safe and supportive forum.





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