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Leadership & Life 

  • First-time Managers: Expanding Your Expertise to Leading and Managing 

  • Leading Disruptive Change

  • Executive Presence, Authenticity, and Gravitas

  • Open Journeys: A Life Course


Teams & Organizations

  • Beyond Change 

  • Collective Intelligence for Alignment and Execution


Course Details

Leadership & Life

First-time Managers: Expanding Your Expertise to Leading and Managing 

Team leaders and high-performing technical people are often promoted to manage a team. Managing and leading require people skills, political skills, and a clear role transition.  We have taught thousands of potential and new first-time managers on five continents how to transition successfully into their new roles.  

Leading Disruptive Change 

The best strategy for disruptive change is to prepare ahead. Organizations that pre-develop leaders and processes to deal with disruptive change and crisis, unsurprisingly, perform best in crisis, mitigating risk, accepting ambiguity, and finding ways to absorb or leverage the unexpected. This includes how to lead collective intelligence to make sense of the emerging situation, challenge assumptions, integrate new information, make strategic decisions, and create aligned commitment. 

Using experiential processes, we take leaders through the dynamics of disruption, the essence of leadership, and the impact this has on their assumptions of leadership and their role. We help leaders find a stable guide-point for everyone, and facilitate collective sense-making and decision-making, and strategy deployment.

Executive Presence, Authenticity, & Gravitas 

We teach presence, authenticity, and gravitas to leaders through experiences, dialogue, and reflection. Each of these terms is highly correlated with effective leadership.

  • Presence: We can think about the essence of presence as the impact you make on others through your verbal and physical behavior as you 'convey' (but, actually, they interpret and attribute) your command of yourself, a subject, or the room.

  • Authenticity: At its essence, authenticity is honesty, transparency, and congruence. Although a speaker may feel authentic, the test for authenticity is mostly social, based on other's assessments of your congruence as a person. 

  • Gravitas: Gravitas is about the perceived quality of authenticity: is it deep, well-thought-out, and centered, in other words, have you done the hard inner work to know yourself and what matters to you in life? This leads to deeper trust and influence.

Open JourneysA Life Course

The essence of Open Journeys is expanding your access to a broader and deeper palette of choices in life. Using a neuroscience-based approach, we begin with the capacity to generate and maintain a constant, present, and immutable core from which you can derive safety, stability, meaning, and agency during challenging circumstances. We give participants a chance to step back and reflect on their patterns and their impact in a psychologically, socially, and emotionally safe place where privilege, power, and career blowback are replaced by participants with a respectful, peer mindset. 

Together, we create a safe space for participants to examine and develop the capacities and agency they can bring to five fundamental areas of life:

  • Existence

  • Experience

  • Meaning

  • Circumstance

  • Connection 

When you experience these five areas with your agency intact, you choose your relationship to each, determining what they mean in your life.  Open Journeys facilitates processes to review, reconsider, and re-choose our relationship to our experiences, being alive, our loved ones, and the world. It is a deep, intense, grounding, and exhilarating personal development course. 


Teams & Organizations

Beyond Change 

Beyond Change takes leaders, teams, and organizations beyond the anxiety and distractions of ‘surviving’ disruptive change and uncertainty. It expands identity, critical thinking, and choices so people are bigger than the circumstances and changes they will encounter. Separately and together, they are better able to identify emerging patterns, solve paradoxes, discover new opportunities, create new ways of working together, and focus on impact and results. One of the exercises we use in our courses is Distinctions: differentiating what things mean to match our cognitive complexity with the nuanced complexity of our world. In this case, we might look through four lenses: Essence, Form, Function, and Impact.

Collective Intelligence for Alignment and Execution

Change, strategy, culture, talent, and organization are interdependent. To move from strategy through execution they have to be developed and managed together.  We start with collective sense-making -- widening the leadership circle, harvesting additional insights, and increasing participation and commitment. People use processes to efficiently share information and perspectives. What emerges is a new fabric of insights the whole group can align to and act on. Then, you begin the process of widespread acceptance and alignment throughout the organization. As you work with key influencers and stakeholders to get all the organization's assets and resources working together, we help you gather feedback and refine your engagement strategy. Decision-making and resource planning become the next set of processes. These processes are based on a blend of World Cafe and Open Space approaches and can be used to create new projects, consider strategic directions, address emerging crises, and many other applications.




To ask different questions is to come to new understandings.


Executives receive an assessment and profile of key strengths and development needs along with suggested development activities. For organizations and teams, we use a variety of instruments and approaches determined by interviews with key team members. We also use DISC, MBTI, FIRO-B, and 16 Personalities: 

Five Orientations to Change

Change is not the issue. How you relate to it is the issue. There are five relationships to change we measure. These range from fixed to fluid, from simple to complex, and from closed to integrative

Life Inventory Packet

Neuragility's Life Inventory Packet addresses both personal and professional areas of your life. It is used before Beyond Change and Open Journeys. 


     1. Life Changes & Strategies

     2. Message Sources (inventory and update)

     3. Truths and My Relationship to Them

     4. Completions

     5. What I Bring to Life

     6. Career Options & Integration Worksheet

     7. My Global Expertise

     8. Distinctions


All our assessments are cusstomiatble. In addition, we are familiar with the Hogan and several strengths inventories. Please contact us for your specific needs. 

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