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Aligning Disruptive Change, Crisis, & Strategy

Crises can transform the way we think about ourselves, the nature of life, and other beliefs. Things we take for granted disappear, and in their place, we experience ambiguity and a world in which old patterns lead to dead ends. For organizations to change requires whole communities to reassess individual and collective ‘reality’. 

We start with individuals -- in both individual and shared processes and dialogue -- re-examining their assumptions and beliefs, their identity, the data they use about a changing world, and crucially, their relationship to each of these. Together, they come to new personal and stable orientations through shared sense-making, an agreed approach, a collective focus, and aligned action.

Change, strategy, culture, talent, and organization have to develop together. They are dynamic, interdependent elements of a business. Our approach is to work with these elements as a system so the organization not only carves out a new reality for the current crisis but also learns how to assemble and reassemble reality as a permanent and ongoing skill set.

Rapid M & A Organizational Cultural Transitions: Integration/Divestiture 

Like crises, M&As can have a radical impact on people’s sense of stability and certainty, causing them to stall as culture eats strategy for breakfast. This requires collective sense-making across closely-held narratives, opening new opportunities, and questioning what they consider real. This journey, rife with reflection, analysis, and open dialogue leads to forging a new and integrated community with agreed values, ways of working, and priorities so they can execute on potential and promised M&A synergies and strategy.

Culture and Talent Development 

We take a whole business perspective identifying and aligning these elements and their clarity, acceptance, and alignment throughout the business. Then, we work with key influencers and stakeholders to get all the assets and resources working together.

Coaching and Consulting for Development 

We help leaders, teams, and organizations expand their abilities and talents and apply these to their business. People use us as experienced and thoughtful partners, challengers, and guides. Common areas of focus include seemingly unsolvable issues in global leadership, communication, staffing, strategy, board presentations, internal politics, mastering media, and large-scale or personal change. We provide pre and post-assessments so leaders and teams can track their personal and collective milestones for progress.


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