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Mindsets & Identity 

We partner with people to redesign their reality and expand their choices.


We use an extensive portfolio of assessments and processes customized to each individual’s environment, resources, identity, beliefs, dilemmas, and growing-edge learning. We examine with our clients the basic ideas and feelings they use every day to make a life, a business, and a society.


We help senior leaders, high potentials, and others to become more global, resilient, and strategic. We help people expand their relation to their beliefs, identities, and ‘realities’ to that of tools.


Leaders report they have increased resiliency, a wiser perspective, and a larger worldview. They expand choices; they get results.



Every situation is a unique system resting on universal principles. One of these principles is that the solution is inherent in the problem formation. With this in mind, our work with M & As, offshoring, and other disruptive change includes those closest to the customer, paired with market analyses and senior team strategy sessions, to understand the multiple realities everyone faces and to build the social capital necessary for change.


Then we cross-pollinate executive and line perspectives in overlapping forums so everyone first shares their worldview understands the larger picture, and then buys into the big picture -- along with the organizational, political, market, operational, and execution challenges ahead.


You start your strategy with educated, results-driven people who understand what’s next, what’s necessary, and why.



Why do only some individuals and teams prosper during disruptive change? One answer lies with the nature of disruptive change: it deconstructs beliefs, dissolving old meanings and forging new ones; it is ambiguous and emergent; it will not yield to analysis, prediction, planning, or structure. It does not conform to one method, mindset, answer, or approach. Disruptive change denies comfort. This is the essence of business today.

Another answer lies with how people choose to relate to disruptive change. This is a challenge for business leaders today. Neuragility provides tools for Boards, senior leaders, key stakeholders, teams, and organizations to use ambiguity, uncertainty, multiple realities, and paradox as tools to influence their culture and secure their future. People develop their capacity to navigate and adapt to an ambiguous, disruptive, changing world. Then they focus on performance and results.


We partner with Boards of Directors, senior leaders, high potentials, and key people to expand their abilities, perspectives, and talents as people first. Then they use this clarity to lead their business.

An executive explores with us an initial assessment of their core purpose, talents, goals, values, qualities, mindsets, focus, levels of thinking, knowledge, leadership skills, etc. We provide customized processes that lead directly to solving problems and meeting goals.

Executives report that they work more productively, solve problems quicker, execute strategies at a higher level of sophistication, master change and communication, and make hard decisions with greater discernment.

Systems: Organic & Mechanical 

We combine a systems approach with an extensive portfolio of customized assessments and processes to close the gap in a team or organization’s performance. We turn retreats into advances by providing pathways for collective intelligence.

Teams and organizations reconsider how they structure their business and both limit and expand their choices and decisions. They map and navigate the inevitable ambiguities of change, they face their fear of conflict and candor, they develop a more useful map of their resources, choices, and situation. Together, they create new ways to perform and prosper as a valued member of many interdependent, ever-changing systems.

People report alignment within and among their teams, organizations, and customers. They have increased resiliency. They have a global view of how the business functions and the role they play. They are better able to focus on and expand their choices. They focus on performance; they get results.


What is a global leader? What is a global citizen?

Increasingly, senior executives are both global leaders and global citizens. They formulate strategies that have many meanings across the globe while raising their families across cultures. We work in both areas.

Professionally, this means a leader discovers, leads, and speaks from a set of universals -- while appreciating the contribution of differences.

Personally, this means understanding and meeting the needs of a unique generation of global citizens who may have trouble determining which culture to call home. Raised in various cultures while forming their identity, these upwardly global citizens, identify less with a nation and more with a planet. We help leaders, their teams, and their families integrate these experiences into a global identity they can use anywhere.


Leaders often use climate surveys to gain insight into employee concerns. Yet these were never designed to address the profiling and communication needs of a global leader. Advertisers create sophisticated profiles and messages for different market segments. Why not leaders?

Neuragility has advanced expertise profiling audiences in the midst of change. By using a deeper model, we develop deeper messaging. By identifying audience profiles, we enhance a leader’s ability to give ideas, events, and actions inspirational and practical meaning around the world.

We start by clarifying with the leader their message and purpose. Then we help senior leaders translate their ideas into the stories and metaphors that increase understanding and trust credibility and commitment across cultures. We also work with senior leaders on delivery across various media.

Organizational Culture 

Culture has been defined as values, mindsets, behaviors, how we do things around here, and what you do when no one is looking. In other words, it's the context in which we operate, the social/political contract for the way we work together. With this in mind, we bring a thoughtful perspective, an ability to surface important issues, and transformational expertise. For example, we don't just look at equity, diversity, and inclusion, we look at the power and privilege agreements, identities, and automated mindsets that drive them.


We are thoughtful partners and listeners, guiding leaders through the thicket of ambiguity that often precedes understanding, direction, and focus. We assess with you the global, economic, political, and social movements that affect company direction. We partner with board members and key executives to align company direction, vision, culture, and communication. We provide ways for members to engage in open discussion of issues and examine new directions, and make research-based recommendations about how to enhance culture change, perspective, and performance.  


Agility & Resilience 

Throughout our lives, a well-managed blend of stability and flexibility undergirds both agility and resilience. In our experience with clients, the focus is on what allows for agility. We have found it is a single, constant, present point of stability that is not environmentally or emotionally dependent. A state that is not subject to overwhelm or threat. This state (limbic calm) furnishes the conditions for agility and resilience. Stability allows flexibility -- like a dancer finding their center and moving in 'flow', in any direction, from that point. It allows people to work on all the changes needed and creates a trusted network of like-minded people holding a consistent perspective and agreed social contract. This allows you to open your mind and feelings to face what is really going on without the threat of being overwhelmed. It also primes the ability to act and learn, to experiment, take risks, and reassess situations, individually and collectively.

We help you and your organization create that space and then provide ways to assess and make meaning of an ambiguous and changing landscape, integrate new information to make strategic decisions, connect and communicate effectively, and ignite commitment from every member of your organization.  This scalability from individual to collective agility and resilience is essential in today's -- and tomorrow's -- environment. Without it, large, global companies have the most to gain as alignment and protection around risk-taking is a critical condition for innovation. Discover how to be more flexible, agile, and engaged in the face of change. 

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