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Leading Disruptive Change

Crises can fundamentally transform the way we think about ourselves, the nature of life, and other beliefs. Things we take for granted disappear and in their place, we experience ambiguity and a world in which old patterns may lead to dead ends. We facilitate processes where individuals reexamine their assumptions but also those of the communities of which they were, or are, a member. Through inquiry, dialogue, and creative sense-making assignments, leaders re-examine their assumptions, beliefs, and identity, plus the data they use about a changing world, and crucially, their relationship to each of these before arriving at a new approach, an informed focus, and congruent action.

But, it is not enough to learn your way through one crisis, we teach how to assemble and reassemble reality as a permanent skill set. Future fluidity is our goal. Let's talk about where you are in the process of leading disruptive change. 

Executive Presence, Authenticity, & Gravitas

We are inclined to define words like presence, authenticity, and gravitas as if grasping their objective meaning illuminates their essence. But, these three words are clear only when you consider their impact on others' feelings. Each is a by-product of how you engender respect and trust  -- and that is a function of your focus. And your focus is a function of the frame you use to see the world and your place in it. We are sometimes asked if it's possible to be authentic and still win in business.  Authenticity is not naivete, it is a transparency that fits -- or redefines -- a context.  Let's have an exploratory conversation.  

Career, High-potential, & Executive Coaching

The awareness and skills you need to empower your career choices, fast-track your career growth, and create a more fulfilling life are core to the career coaching experience. 

Your personal life, career, the times we live in, and the specific situations we encounter wax and wane in strength, possibility, and impact throughout your life. Successful business professionals often develop tunnel vision, focusing on familiar approaches that got them to their present level without reassessing what success means, what matters, who they are, and how they want to engage. 

A career, high potential, or executive coach attends to you, your goals, and the social contexts of which you are a part. A coach furnishes the time and space for you to reconsider and reflect on your process for making sense of your situations, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions, and health. This might include the social and political contexts that stymie you as well as those in which you are successful, your past and current cultural conditioning, your relationships, the impact you have on others, and the meaning you give your life choices. Finally, you create the action plan you need to accomplish your goals. Let's start with a conversation about your goals. 


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