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Agility & Resilience

Discover how to be more resilient, agile, and engaged in the face of change 

Throughout our lives, a well-managed blend of stability and flexibility undergird both agility and resilience. In our experience with clients, the focus is on what allows for agility. We have found it is a single, constant, present point of stability that is not environmentally or emotionally dependent. It is a state not subject to overwhelm or threat. This state (limbic calm) furnishes the conditions for agility and resilience.

Stability allows flexibility -- like a dancer finding their center and moving in 'flow', in any direction, from that point. It allows people to work on all the changes needed and creates a trusted network of like-minded people holding a consistent perspective and agreed social contract. This allows you to open your mind and feelings to face what is really going on without the threat of overwhelm and primes the ability to act and learn, to experiment, take risks, and reassess situations, individually and collectively.


We help you and your organization create that space and then provide ways to assess and make meaning of an ambiguous and changing landscape, integrate new information to make strategic decisions, connect and communicate effectively, and ignite commitment from every member of your organization.  This scalability from individual to collective agility and resilience is essential in today's environment.

Open Journeys

Create the agency you need to thrive throughout your life

In our Open Journeys workshop, you explore and examine the agency and acumen you bring to five areas of life:


              - Existence             - Experience         - Meaning          - Circumstance         - Connection


When you experience these five areas with agency, you choose your relationship to them and determine what they mean – and will mean -- in your life.


Using a cognitive science-based approach, we fortify your capacity to generate and maintain a constant, present, and immutable core from which you can derive safety, stability, meaning, and agency in the midst of a challenging and changing world.


We have found that expanded agency starts with access to a constant state of being from which you generate emotionally viable choices in areas where you may feel there are none. This grounded sense of being changes how you relate to your experience, relationships, and circumstances. You ‘reconfigure’ the clutter and conditioning from your mind and feelings and more fully possess the authorship, responsibility, choice, and awareness needed to improve your relationship to yourself, others, and life. 

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