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A Billion-Dollar Baby Gets a Fresh Start

Kevin O'Gorman

October 21, 2020 at 3:08:19 AM

Defining and Growing a New Spin-Off: As the head of a new spin-off, the CEO wanted to define and align strategy, culture, talent, organization and brand as a competitive advantage.

Situation: It takes energy to start over – even in the energy business. Spun off from a parent company wishing to focus on its natural gas business, the CEO of this new petrol entity decided a new leadership and organizational culture would create brand, culture and a talent magnet in a competitive talent market.

Approach: As co-lead to a team of forty consultants, trainers, and analysts, we worked with the CEO, members of his team, executive high-potentials, and key leaders across the organization. We first assessed their current culture and required culture, as well as the state of their talent management systems. Next, we facilitated sessions where leaders identified gaps and remedies between current and future leadership strategies. Then we guided them as they enlarged the leadership circle into forums for input and ideas about how to align and proceed. Lastly, we provided bespoke training, coaching and metrics for leaders at every level.

Results: A three-year, multi program of blended learning for 600 leaders at all levels led to a culture with higher retention, new leadership skills, and an enhanced talent management approach. The company becoming a talent magnet within the industry – all while eclipsing the size of their former parent company.

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