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Orchestrating a Global Strategy

Kevin O'Gorman

October 22, 2020 at 7:11:56 PM

When you operate in over 140 countries and territories, how do you form a global strategy everyone will adopt and execute?

One of our Fortune 10 customers was trying to socialize a global commitment to their strategy. The buy-in process meant taking into account widely disparate markets, perspectives, and business models -- without diluting focus or execution. Goals included customizing a consumer strategy of related products to regional markets that could leverage economies of scale and regional consumer tastes while mitigating government constraints and very different rates of technology adoption.

Over a four-month period, we partnered with senior executives and key regional leaders on leadership, communication, and cross-functional, cross-regional forums, and processes to create a global agreement with regional improvements. Progress was measured and supported through spot surveys, ongoing interviews, and hot-spot engagements.

Our client’s well-orchestrated, global push of an entire product family created a worldwide gain in market share of plus five percent over the next three years.

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