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Accountability, Integrity & Performance

A culture of accountability, integrity, and performance is a personal stance and a social contract based on agreements that are made and kept consistently -- primarily by those with privilege and power.  We facilitate examining and refining -- or reinventing -- the social contract that creates and reinforces the culture -- how we do things around here -- that defines a company's character and effectiveness. 

Collective Intelligence

We specialize in helping people take a step back in a psychologically, socially, and emotionally safe place (without personal or career blowback) to listen and decide together -- as in all culture change -- the agreements and metrics they will put in place to co-create -- as allies and partners -- a new social contract that can be measured for accountability.    

Beyond Change

Beyond Change is a series of customized processes to prepare people in organizations for the acceleration of dynamic, disruptive, ambiguous, and global change. Crises can transform the way we think about ourselves, the nature of life, and other beliefs. The complexity of change often requires being able to think with, and act within, many different (and sometimes opposing) mindsets. Things we take for granted disappear and in their place, we experience ambiguity and a world in which old patterns lead to dead ends.


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