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Accountability, Integrity, & Performance

We make sure the social contract that connects people is clear, tested, and operational

People work best together based on trust. They build trust based on character, competence, and loyalty. Character is often a synonym for integrity and authenticity. Competence, when it encompasses both technical and social acumen, is a foundation for integrity. Loyalty drives accountability and performance; it is often a cornerstone of integrity.

We do this by building a space safe enough where people can be themselves, deepen what they have in common, rely on each other, and get on with the tasks at hand.  What is the level of accountability and performance your team is achieving? 

Collective Intelligence

Teams and businesses succeed when they meet complexity with complexity  

These days, the 'smartest one in the room' cannot address the degree of complexity inherent in the challenges we face. Leaders need to lead collective intelligence: a process where multiple perspectives are listened to in order to find the best ideas and then built on collectively and executed in alignment. 


To do this, leaders have to create a psychologically safe space for sharing their identity, experiences, perspectives, challenges, and reflections through inquiry and dialogue. This leads to individual and collective insights as people reexamine their assumptions, their willingness to hear very different, and seemingly opposite perspectives, the nature of collective accountability, and their appetite for ambiguity, risk, and reward.   


Which complexities do you face that need to be met with collective intelligence?


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